Since 1999 I have been creating and maintaining web sites for clients, with a special emphasis on authors' sites and large sites for organizations. I have developed a number of conference sites, event advertising sites, and sales sites.

Technical know-how: website design, html, php, scanning, graphics manipulation / optimization for websites, asp/cgi scripts, ftp, bsh/ksh, perl, javascript, style sheets, web form creation/handling. I have created a great many web applications for various clients, including

  • interactive bulletin boards
  • regular and occasional email newsletters
  • guestbooks, contests, blogs, photo pages
  • registration forms & reporting
  • on-line purchase forms & reporting
  • evaluation forms & reporting
  • product sales through PayPal.com
I have also set up domain names and arranged for hosting.

Experience: Programmer, manager, project manager, and web designer/programmer at IBM for 22 years. Freelance web designer since 1999.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, 1982, University of North Texas. Master's certificate in Project Management, George Washington University, 1997.

Please contact me for your web design needs. I'd love to work with you!